There are many UK VPN and proxy services to choose from online, depending on why you want to use a UK IP address, depends on what type of VPN or proxy you need. You can find many free VPN and proxy services which are great if you do not need a high speed connection, the free VPN and proxies are normally shared connections, if there are a lot of people using it at the same time, your connection speed will potentially slow right down. Free VPN and proxy servers are not very good if you want to stream online videos or watch live TV.

If you are looking to use a UK IP address for unlocking a geographically blocked website, such as BBC iPlayer or ITV Player, you need a paid UK VPN service, otherwise you could be faced with a lot of annoying buffering. Paid VPN services can start from as little as €1 and you can always ask for a free trial to check the connection speed and compatibility, the best UK VPN services will have nothing to hide and give you a free 24 hours full speed trial.

When choosing a VPN service, it is always best to find one that offers the following..

1, A Multi-VPN. Try to find a service that has more than one server, British TV Anywhere has 5 UK servers, which is great if too many people are using the same server, you can switch to another one to prevent buffering.

2, Make sure that they give you a free full speed trial before you purchase anything.

3, Make sure that the traffic is unlimited, unlimited and unmetered traffic will make sure that you are never cut off for the time period you purchased.

4, A VPN is a great security addition and can be used to protect your online identity, make use of this and make sure that the VPN service you choose encrypts your internet traffic.

5, Make sure that one account has access to all servers and can be used from anywhere in the world on any device. If you are travelling, you may want to use it on your smartphone or ipod, not just your laptop, check for compatibility and if your device is not on the list, contact the website, if they add instructions for your device, you know it has top support!

There are many great uses for a VPN service, from enhancing your browsing security to unlocking geo-blocked websites from abroad.

Try out a free trial from one of the leading VPN service providers, British TV Anywhere, they offer a Multi-VPN with 5 UK servers, 7 USA servers and 13 other worldwide servers. If you ask for a full speed trial, they will provide one within 8 hours of asking. It is easy to setup and the support is 7 days a week. The members area also has all UK TV links and software and links for watching live sports, including Premier League and Champions League football.

You can try a free trial right now, this is not the full speed trial, but you will be able to have a play around with the VPN settings and unlock some channels by clicking here.

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